Spanish residence for EU citizens

If you plan to live in Spain long-term, it is important to know that once you have moved, you will need to apply for a residence permit for European Union citizens, also known as a green card, EU certificate, or CUE. This permit will allow you to access health care in Spain, among other benefits.

According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), in 2022, approximately 5.3 million foreigners resided in Spain, representing 11.2% of the country’s total population. Of these, more than 2 million were EU citizens, with the British and Romanians being the largest groups. This underlines the importance and frequency of residence procedures for EU citizens in Spain.

Who can apply for this permit?

All EU citizens who wish to reside in Spain for an extended period of time must apply for a residence permit.

Necessary documentation

  • Original valid passport
  • One passport/passport/ID picture
  • Certificate of Individual Registration issued within the last three months, with stamp or digital signature. It is obtained at the corresponding Town Hall once you are registered on the census.
  • Certificate of ownership of a bank account in Spain, original and stamped by the bank.
  • Current balance certificate with a minimum of 7500 euros for one person, or 11000 euros for a couple/family unit.
  • If applicable, original marriage certificate, apostilled and translated by a sworn translator in Spain.
  • For minors, original birth certificate in multilingual version or apostilled and translated by a sworn translator in Spain.

What happens if I am a pensioner?

In addition to the general documentation, you must submit:

  • Form S1 from the country of origin of the pension, obtained from the Social Security (or equivalent) and registered with the Social Security in Spain.
  • Bank certificate proving the monthly amount of the pension, original and stamped by the bank.

What happens if I am not a pensioner and I am not working?

In addition to the general documentation, you must provide:

  • Medical Insurance Certificate guaranteeing full coverage in Spain for one year, with up to date payments, original and stamped by the insurer.
  • The insurance should specify that it is without co-payments and include the following text: “the contracted health insurance includes primary care, specialties, hospital admissions and surgical interventions”. It should not refer to particular or general policy conditions.
  • Particular conditions of the health insurance policy, original and stamped by the insurer.

What happens if I am employed?

Además de la documentación general, deberá presentar:

  • Certificate of current working life, with a minimum of 50% of the legal working hours.
  • Registration with the Social Security.
  • Employment contract.

What happens if I am self-employed (freelance)?

In addition to the general documentation, you must submit:

  • Certificate of current employment record, with at least three months of registration.
  • Registration as Self-Employed with the Social Security.


The documentation indicated corresponds to the requirements of the Oficina de Extranjería de Alicante. Other offices may require you to have a Spanish bank account open for at least three months before applying and may require a higher amount in the bank account during that period.

If you wish to apply for residency, our Immigration Department, with years of experience in immigration matters, can advise you individually and provide you with the necessary information according to the immigration office where you are going to submit your application.