Ignacio Pellicer

International Lawyer

International Law Specialist

Ignacio Pellicer Mollá


Law degree from the University of Alicante, specialising in international lawhy Expert in international trade, family and international inheritance. He provides legal, immigration and tax advice to foreign investors in residential and commercial tourism with interests in Spain and to Spanish companies in their internationalisation processes. 

He is also an expert in the resolution of disputes and litigation in civil, commercial, criminal and international matters before the national courts and the main national and international arbitration courts.

Practice Areas:International, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Immigration, Tax, Commercial, Bankruptcy.

«Experienced international law professionals are needed to help interpret and understand today's world, of course, but also the world to come»

Ignacio Pellicer

International Lawyer

Founding partner of Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers in Alicante

Secretary of the International Law Section of the Alicante Bar Association

Accountant-judicial and/or proxy accountant registered in the lists of the Notary and Bar Association of Alicante

Participates in the London Court of International Arbitration Group

Areas of specialisation

More than 20 years of experience offering the best international service to its customers

Civil Law

Advice on the rights and duties involved in various legal matters, such as contracts, leases, inheritance, purchase and sale, divorce and child custody, among others.

Real estate

Guidance on issues such as property purchase and sale, lease agreements, development and construction projects, as well as real estate financing.

International Commerce

Advising foreign investors interested in residential tourism and commerce in Spain, as well as Spanish companies seeking to internationalise.


Whether setting up new companies or winding up existing ones, my aim is to provide sound and strategic legal advice to ensure success and compliance in the commercial field.


Legal advice and guidance to ensure that families operate fairly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as the rights and responsibilities of each family member.

International Heritage

Management and processing of inheritance matters, allowing assets and heirs to be dealt with without the need to travel to Spain: inheritance, wills and heirs. In addition, I advise on the necessary inheritance and gift tax management.