Co-founder of Pellicer & Heredia

Law degree from the University of Alicante, with specialization in international law and extensive experience in international trade, family law and international inheritance. He advises foreign investors interested in residential and commercial tourism in Spain, as well as Spanish companies in their internationalization process, providing legal assistance on immigration and taxation matters.

In addition, he has outstanding experience in the resolution of civil, commercial, criminal and international disputes and litigation before national Courts of Justice and the main national and international Arbitration Courts.

He has complemented his academic training with an academic course at the Università degli Studi di Salerno, a Master in Private International Law at the University of Southampton (1998), and the preparation for the competitive examination to the Judicial Career at the C.E.F Madrid (2001-2002). He also holds a Master’s Degree in International Law from I.S.D.E (Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía) Barcelona (2002-2003).

He maintains a continuous training through quarterly specialization courses at the Bar Association of Alicante and other national institutions, focused on civil, criminal, immigration, commercial and tax law. 

His areas of practice include International Litigation, Civil and Criminal, Immigration, Tax, Commercial and Bankruptcy.

"We know how to give answers to all those questions that our clients ask from our deep knowledge of International Law and the Spanish legal and tax reality."

International Lawyer

Civil Law

Advice, representation and defense of the legal interests of individuals and companies in a wide range of matters related to private law.

  • Contractual disputes
  • Liability
  • Ownership and possession of assets.
  • Inheritance and successions.
  • Damages.
  • Property rights litigation.

Real estate

Our role is to protect the legal and financial interests of our clients in all facets of real estate.

  • Purchase and sale of properties
  • Negotiation and drafting of real estate contracts
  • Land title problems.
  • Evictions and evictions.
  • Property boundary disputes.
  • Financing and mortgage guarantees.

International Commerce

A lawyer specialized in international law plays a crucial role in protecting legal interests and facilitating operations in an increasingly interconnected and complex global context.

  • Foreign investments.
  • Cross-border litigation.
  • Conflicts of laws between countries.
  • International maritime law.
  • International criminal law.
  • International treaties and agreements.


Our function is to protect and strengthen the development and operation of companies, ensuring that they operate within the appropriate legal framework and minimizing legal risks that may affect their stability and growth.

  • Incorporation and dissolution of companies.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Banking and financial law.
  • Intellectual property law.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Commercial litigation and arbitration.


Counseling, guidance and comprehensive support to families during critical moments in their lives, ensuring that their rights are protected and effective solutions are sought.

  • Divorce and marital separation.
  • Custody and visitation of children.
  • Alimony and compensatory alimony.
  • Adoption and filiation.
  • Domestic violence and protection orders.
  • Modification of judicial measures.

International Heritage

We ensure that the transition of estates across borders is managed legally, efficiently and in accordance with the wishes of the testator, thus protecting the interests of the heirs.

  • Interpretation of international wills.
  • Distribution of assets in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Conflicts over the validity of foreign wills.
  • Rights of heirs in different countries.
  • International inheritance taxes.
  • Resolution of disputes between international heirs.
  • International estate planning.